QUEEN B EASTER PACK Don’t want to over indulge this...


Don’t want to over indulge this Easter and then feel guilty for it afterwards? Treat a friend, family member, or even yourself to this little Easter pack at a discounted rate exclusive to this Easter holiday season! This pack includes:

GUILT-FREE HOT CACAO: 10 DAY (RRP $16.00)- Remain guilt free this Easter with this healthy version of chocolate! It’s chocolatey decadent flavour won’t leave you missing out these holidays. Aids in satisfying sweet cravings to ultimately aid in weight management.
ACAI BERRY COFFEE: 10 DAY (RRP $16.00)- Wake up throughout the Easter break with a cup of this antioxidant filled brew. It tastes just like sweet rich coffee. Has all the benefits of superfood acai berry including slowing the ageing process- and it is never to early or late to start doing that!
THE PRINCESS & THE TEA: 20 DAY (RRP $20.00)- The Easter break is meant for rest and relaxation, do so with this floral infusion. Promotes restful sleep by calming the mind and easing it from stress. The tea leaves from this can also be used in a hot bath or foot spa to release tension from sore muscles.
ROYAL FLUSH TEA: 20 DAY (RRP $20.00)- Don’t let the mood swings kill your vibe this Easter. Relieves PMS/period pain/menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and itchiness, whilst balancing hormones to reduce mood swings. (If you don’t experience menopause this is a fabulous gift for over 50’s, otherwise you can use it to relieve any period pains or PMS symptoms)!

TOTAL VALUE: $72.00- yours for just $60.00

That’s almost 20% OFF the regular price of these items individually! Exclusive to this Easter season!

This is an amazing discount and a purchase that your friends, family members or yourself will thank you for! (at SHOP ➡️